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‘In a dating scene where a swipe of the finger determines someone’s worthiness of love, a few hearts are bound to be broken. For Jenny, heartbreak is all to familiar. Used by countless partners for their own personal gains, her heart has been shattered one too many times…but this is Valentine’s Day, Jenny is going to teach them a lesson…because there is only so much a girl can take before she finally just snaps.’

Written by Brantley J Brown, LOVE ME NOT, is Horror House’s new film about love and heart break. Directed by Michael Coulombe and stars two amazing Latin actors Vanessa Esperanza as ‘Jenny’ and David Blanco as ‘Brad’.

I loved the originality and bizarre horror humor of LOVE ME NOT ’– Sally Kirkland, Oscar Nominated and Golden Globe Winning Actress.

The Latin market is the largest movie going audience yet there are very few movies made with strong Latin actors in leading roles. The team at Horror House is looking to change that by promoting diversity in film both behind and in front of the camera.

So I present to you LOVE ME NOT


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  • The third film from director Michael Coulombe and writer Brantley J. Brown, Love Me Not is a more ambitious project than the previous two. At eleven minutes it runs longer than Soundbite and Stalk combined. It also has a plot that’s bit more involved than the previous films. Brad (David Blanco) is having Valentine’s Day dinner with Jenny (Vanessa Esperanza). The fact that he’s bound and gagged indicates this might not be his idea. The fact he recently ghosted her would tend to confirm that.

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