Sunday, October 25


As a filmmaker and photographer, I am fortunate enough to be able to travel for work. I do also travel a lot for personal reasons as well. I am obsessed with traveling and try to take as many as trips as possible.

Not only do I love to travel abroad, but I do enjoy traveling throughout the United States as possible. This includes road trips as well. There is nothing quite like getting in your car and exploring new areas!

My birthday is in February and I enjoy taking a trip somewhere [local or not-so-local] to celebrate! For my 40th birthday I went white-water rafting in the Pacuare River in Costa Rica.  Two years after that I was celebrating in London, England.  But I do take local road trips as well. This year I celebrated both in Solvang, CA and with my friend Todd in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Even though I do keep a vlog of my film adventures, my friend Lachelle convinced me that I should keep a travel blog in which I could write about the pictures I post on my Instagram page.

So, here is my travel blog TRAVELS WITH MICHAEL. Please comment and tell me your thoughts. And if you have ever visited the countries or areas I have been to, please share your stories and/or pictures as well.

I also post on TripAdvisor.

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