Tuesday, December 5

Canceled trip to Europe

Today, April 29, 2020, my father and I would be flying back from our 15 day trip to Europe. We were going to celebrate his birthday [which is on April 20] but the trip was cancelled due to the travel restrictions because of Covid-19.

We booked our tickets through Delta back in August of 2019. This was my father’s first time traveling abroad and  I was excited about to share this opportunity with him. Plus I was excited about seeing more of Europe – as I had only been to London, England and Gotland, Sweden.

We were going to do a nice tour through about five countries, traveling via train and staying in Air BNB’s. It was going to be a exciting trip. And imagine the amazing pictures I would have been able to take!

But thankfully Delta allowed us to push our flights and we have 2 years in which to take this trip. Not sure how travel restrictions are going to be for the next few months. If anything, we can always go next year for his birthday!

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