Tuesday, December 5

The California Poppies

We are in the middle of a global pandemic. The corona virus has crippled so many countries – and it is very terrifying.  I live in California and we have been on a shelter-in-place order for about six weeks. [I feel, which is longer than the majority of the Unites States.]

One of the bigger things to happen in April, or rather in Spring time, here in the high desert of Los Angeles, is the super bloom of the orange poppy, the flower of the state of California.

I want to preface this by saying, any time I leave the house I wear a mask and I have sanitizing wipes, which I carry at all times.  I also practice social distancing, because I truly believe it is very important and the best way in, which to help flatten the curve.

With that said, we are all definitely going stir crazy. I do know there are many, many people who are venturing out. I only leave the house to grab groceries, run quick errands, or take a quick walk around my neighborhood [which I use to help practice my photography.]

But the other day I was anxious to get out. So was my roommate. So we gathered our supplies – mask, sanitizing wipes, as well as my camera – and headed up to Antelope Valley to enjoy the California poppies.

It was a lovely afternoon. The temperature was in the high 80s (31 Celsius) and there was a gentle breeze that rushed along the fields of orange. I won’t lie – it was breathtaking.

My roommate allowed me to take a few pictures of her, while she enjoyed the sun and the flowers, so I could practice my photography. There were also some awesome buildings along the trip, where I stopped to snap a few photos!

I vlog often, when I can, usually talking about my career and my life as a filmmaker in the city of Los Angeles. But there are times when I vlog about the fun things I do on my personal time. In this case, I vlogged a bit about my trip to the California poppies.






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