Monday, May 20

Bioluminescent waves of Southern California

This isn’t a post about traveling out of town. This is a post, however, about an awesome event that happens in Southern California when a bioluminescent algae.

According to the CBS 2 website: The bioluminescence is known as “red tide,” or  an algal bloom, which is a large concentration of microorganisms in the water. On sunny days, the water gives off a murky reddish hue, and at night, when the organisms are agitated by movements, they emit a neon blue glow.

I went the first night with my friend Gary, who had went previously a few nights earlier. I tried to take photos [as I have been studying photography] but was unsuccessful. So I went the following night with my roommate Lachelle and just took time to stand there and enjoy the evening!

It is definitely something to see. The best part was – it was also a full moon! It just felt like a magical evening. Most of the time the waves crash you can see a hint of the neon blue – but then as you sit there and watch, you will be welcomed with these amazingly vibrant waves of blue!

It is definitely difficult to do most things presently here in Southern California due to the shelter-at-home order but this was nice because there is plenty of room to keep your distance – even while wearing a mask.

If you get a chance to see this occurrence, you should! There is no general time frame in which you can see it. Usually happens, according to my research, in the summer/fall time, but I do not see it happen often here in Los Angeles – so this was definitely a treat!

Thank you Mother Nature

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