Friday, May 17

Lighthouses of Los Angeles

Today I decided to escape quarantine and take a nice day trip to view a couple of the lighthouses we have here in the city of Los Angeles. I love light houses and I have been wanting to photograph one for a while now. So I was excited that there were two really close to one another.

Sadly the first lighthouse – The Los Angeles Harbor Lighthouse was a bit too far from where I was at [since it sits at the end of a long jetty] and I do not have the right telephoto lens yet in which to photograph it. So I sat enjoying the beautiful waves crash against the rocks. It was nice to have time to self reflect.

After the first lighthouse I took a drive around San Pedro – just turning down streets, seeing what I could find. It was so quiet. Since it is an industrial area, and it was a weekend, it was very quiet. I cannot describe how peaceful it was.

Sitting in my room for so many days, it was nice to get out, stretch my legs, and just unwind. I also found a bunch of old warehouses – or abandoned buildings – and I just kept pulling over and taking pictures.

There is also a couple of battle ships in the harbor, one which is a museum [I plan on visiting after the city opens up.] Also, it was cool there was a cruise ship that was parked there waiting until it’s time in which to head back out to sea.

After that I made my way over to the San Fermin Lighthouse, which is attached to a park. It was so lovely. And it sits right on the cliff, where you can see the waves crash below. There is an outdoor amphitheater as well, which is kind of nice. I’ll have to go to this park more often, when I can. I do not actually live that close to San Pedro [it is about an hour drive.]

I am always an advocate to take some time to yourself. Sometimes just taking a couple of hours off from life can be very therapeutic. I love driving to a city I have never been too [or haven’t been to in a while] and having lunch or dinner some place different sort of helps reset my system and become more focused! Plus you stop and take the time to enjoy your surroundings, which is important. God gave us an amazing place to live, it is up to us to enjoy it!

The Lighthouses of Los Angeles VLOG

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