Friday, July 12

Black Lives Matter

On July 3, 2020 I attended by first protest for Black Lives Matter. I would not consider myself a photo journalist but my friend Candice Callins asked me to come and I wanted to be a part of something that was historical – as this issue is one of the biggest movements of 2020 – if not in my lifetime.

There were some anti-protesters, naturally, who just drive by several times waving American flags and yelling derogatory slang at the crowd but overall it was amazing to see how the majority of people be supportive. It was amazing to see so many white and latino people among the crowd as well.

Regardless of what people think – there is definitely a shift in the view of Black Americans in this country…and as we head into Independence day tomorrow here in the Unites States it will be great to celebrate the independence of ALL Americans.

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