Monday, May 20

Yacht in Los Angeles Harbor

During these unprecedented times, it is definitely hard to stay focused and sane. The weather is getting warmer – much warmer! – and it’s hard to stay indoors. Our natural reaction then would be to flock to such places as the beach…or a park…or a pool…BUT then we risk of contracting the Corona virus OR run the risk of infecting others.

Also, many folks, like myself, are not working that much and our stimulus has run out. So it is no wonder that folks are restless, scared, or just numb now to everything. I know that I am.

Recently I have felt more isolated and alone. I do visit people but not as often as I used to – and definitely very socially distanced. I miss working, especially when my bills are due! And I miss traveling! Like…a lot!

So when my friend texted me the other day and told me that she and her boyfriend had a yacht membership and were taking the yacht out and that I was invited to watch the sunset with them, I jumped at the chance!

(a video of the yacht we were on)

My last official sunset cruise was back in 2019 when I was in Hong Kong and my last booze cruise was with my roommate Todd back in February when we went to Mazatlan for our birthdays. So, even though this was a local experience I welcomed it exuberantly!

So, thank you Cam and Leah for a wonderful evening, watching the sunset on a yacht in the Los Angeles harbor.

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