Sunday, May 19

I’m Not Perfect – BTS

Did an awesome photo shoot with my homegirl Candice Callins yesterday. This is our third photoshoot so far, starting with the one we did earlier this year when I first bought my camera.

Candice was the FIRST person I photographed. I wanted to learn how to use my camera and she allowed me to do a photoshoot. I was so nervous – but was also excited. This was something new to me. And I think the photos turned out great. We did a fitness shoot….and even though I LOVE the photos, I look back on them now and see how much I have improved.

Quarantining during the pandemic has kept us all mostly isolated. So to break the monotony I took photos. I could walk around my neighborhood and take photos – so it was a great way to practice and hone my skills!

Check out the BTS video below as well as my portfolio with Candice Callins!

Photo shoot with Candice Callins

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