Wednesday, June 19

Joshua Tree, California

I went to Joshua Tree with my friend Krystale Noir to do a boudoir photoshoot out in the desert. But while out there for work, I HAD to take a day to myself to see the area.

Even though I am from Southern California, I had never seen Joshua Tree or the surrounding area [including the National Park.]. Since I do photography, I love going to national parks and taking photos/videos.

The national park service provides an awesome year pass that you can buy for $80. It is good for any park for an entire year – and it isn’t per person, it’s for each car…so it works for the whole family. Each national park can range in price from $20 to $35 per car – so this pass is truly a great deal, especially if you plan on visiting more than one [1] park in a year.

You can find out more information on the pass here: National Park Pass

Joshua Tree

The desert has its own beauty. In that it is such a stark contrast to the lush vegetation of most places. I live in Southern California so I am used to being/working out in this particular climate – but I find that the rolling mountains and plateaus against the desert skyline is so unique that it is something that everyone should see at least once!

While driving around the city I found this awesome abandoned RV off the main road, and I just had to stop to photograph it. It was gutted and covered in graffiti – and I knew, I just knew that I need to find a way to use it for a photoshoot.


One of the cool things about the Joshua Tree area is Pioneertown. Pioneertown is an actual town but it was also a town built – in the 1940s – to shoot old Western films.

It is charming and quaint, and definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Joshua Tree. There is even the Pioneertown Film Museum that shows you all of the films/shows that were filmed at Pioneertown. It is a fun little piece of Hollywood history.

Joshua Tree National Park

I love National Parks, especially because I love to travel. Of course, I definitely love getting on a plane and jetting of some place exotic – but a nice and easy road trip is always fun as well.

Nature, to me, is a gift from God and I think it is our responsibility to enjoy it. It is such a great way to relax; sort of helps restart the clock, per se. That is why I enjoy traveling so much!

Even though I was in awe of the majestic beauty of Zion National Park for it its mountains, and forests, and rivers – Joshua Tree was equally vast [it is actually a massive state park] with Joshua Trees, and gorgeous rock formations, as well as the Cholla Cactus Garden, where you feel as if you are in another world when you walk through it.

I have to be honest, living so close to the desert and always working out in it, I was prepared to be under whelmed by Joshua Tree National Park. Seeing this landscape my whole life is probably why I am so drawn to lush vacations spots. With that said, Joshua Tree National Park did NOT disappoint.

With that said, keep in mind, that it can get VERY, VERY hot in the summer there. Triple digit temperatures, and it is very unsafe to keep your pets in the car. Also, the ground could be very hot as well so be prepared to put booties on their paws so they don’t get burned. PLEASE protect your pets while there.

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