Saturday, July 13

Halyna Hutchins

I wanted to take a moment and say how devastated I am about the sudden death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. I worked with her on the film Archenemy in 2019/2020 and she was great. I just had to post this because it is heart breaking that we lost one of our own in the industry. Recently we have been fighting for on-set safety and this incident just solidifies just how important that is now – more than ever.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Halyna’s family. She leaves behind a husband and a 10-year old son.

There was a vigil for her here in Los Angeles and I was able to go and pay my respects. While there I was able to reconnect with fellow coworkers and we were able to share our mutual respect for one of our fellow union sisters.

Also while at the vigil I was interviewed by Amy Powell with ABC 7 news. She quoted me in her article and on camera. I was humbled. I was not expecting to make the news but I was truly affected by Halyna’s passing. I mean, I actually knew her and this tragedy just hits so close to him…because this truly could have been any of us…AND it was so senseless and unnecessary.

So Rest In Peace Halyna. We promise to honor your passing. It is now time to make changes and keep everyone safe!

Check out the interview here: ABC 7 News

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