The Rock’s Haunted Hotel

Here is the final version of the virtual reality horror project I wrote for YouTube and BlumHouse starring the rock. This was a fun project to write and shoot. I was honored to be a part of it.

Directed by Jesse Wellens

Written by Michael Coulombe

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Stars:  as the Concierge

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Here is the trailer!

When Hate Reigns (Inaugural Day)

Inaugural day.
The crowd gathers;
people clamor
as Hate steps up to the podium.

He is calm, collect.
The weather is cool, brisk.
The people are excited and alive from the commemoration.

Hate is poised over the calamity of noise
as onlookers stare up at Him in awe.
Tall, almost elegant with His grand gestures.
His voice thunders in everyone’s head.

He speaks:
“People! People! I am here today before you
as a symbol of a new beginning that is about to take place.
We are on the threshold of a new era,
an era free from the destruction of obscenity;
the infestation of affectivity.
At the forefront of this populace
I shall begin the absolution to freedom.”

And Hate smiled.
And the people cheered
for they had a leader who was brave.

But there was a dark cloud that loomed above – –
fat and swollen with rain – –
but the people didn’t care
for rain was good
it fed the ground, which nourished life
so it mattered none
that it was a murky mysterious rain.

And the rain fell,
and Hate smiled,
and the people cheered
for they had a leader
who provided for the people.

Then a mighty wind rose
and carried with it the spirit of transformation,
the embodiment of change.

The wind was good because it brought change –
change was good because it is fundamental
so it mattered none that the wind eroded the land
that the rain had cultivated.

And the wind blew,
and the rain fell,
and Hate smiled,
and the people cheered
for they had a leader who pioneered growth.

Then the land trembled
and it shook with the force
of a thousand secrets never revealed
and the rumbling of truth that none believed.

But it was good because it carried the knowledge of the beginning of time,
so it mattered none that time tumbled away under the roar of the soil.

And the Earth shook,
and the wind blew,
and the rain fell,
and Hate smiled,
and the people cheered
for they had a leader who promoted   the sovereignty of faith.

And Hate stood motionless at the pulpit.
The crowd trampled over one another
for a glimpse of His auspicious demeanor,
that flicker of something almost sinister in His eye,
which they knew meant that He was a man  of great power.

And Hate smiled
and the people cheered
for they had a leader who would lead them through a revolution –

And the Earth shook,
and the wind blew,
and the rain fell,
and Hate smiled;
but the people
the people quailed from this future
for it was different
it was unfamiliar.

And Hate stepped away from the platform
as the onlookers stared up in awe.
The silence echoed through the heart of each  spectator.
This was, indeed,
the commencement of a new instigation of life.

– Michael Coulombe

‘Pains of the Past’ screening

Alexa Lowery, producer and writer of Pains of the Past, is hosting a screening of the short film Pains of the Past, which I had the pleasure of directing.

Friday November 18, 2016 8pm

Sycamore Tavern, 7038 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Pains of the Past:

The daunting horrors from the abusive men Scarlett has encountered in past relationships keep coming back like a reoccurring nightmare. This shocks all areas of her personal and professional life. As she later grows from her sorrow she starts to question if “unconditional love “and marriage are only a cultural illusion in America.

For more information on the film, click here.


‘The Beauty of Death’ wins

My screenplay for the short film The Beauty of Death just won best screenplay at the Horror in the Hills Film Festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee last week (Oct 8th 2016).

Excited to be part of the festival and honored to win this award.

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Article in Variety

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to write a virtual reality project for YouTube and BlumHouse. It was a fun project to write and I am honored to have been asked.  It is a project where 20 of their best social influencers get together and arrive at this Hotel Purgatory and must face their worst fears in Room 301. Each YouTuber will create their own Virtual Reality fear in the hotel room.

I was asked to write the mega-collab, the portion where each YouTuber shows up the Purgatory. It was directed by Jesse Wellens of PrankvsPrank.

We were just mentioned in Variety. It’s a great article, check it out here: Variety

It goes live near the end of October, close to Halloween. Check it out on YouTube

Horror in 360


I was hired to write a project for YouTube and Blum House and mega-collab with some of YouTube top creators for a Halloween special shot in Virtual Reality (360)

Here is the trailer on YouTube:  Room 301

The first press has come out on Check it out here: TubeFilter

For more information check out our website here:  Horror in 360

Decay Magazine reviews Ax

Excited to see that Decay magazine did a good review of our short film Ax.

Following us on Instagram they found a post of the film, watched it, and gave a favorable review.

Read the review below.

Decay Magazine review

For more information on the film visit the project page here: Ax – the short

Beauty of Death: Finalist

Excited to announce that my screenplay for The Beauty of Death has been accepted as a finalist in the Horror in the Hills Film Festival taking place in Gatlinburg, TN on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 from 10am to 10pm.

The Beauty of Death is the story of Arthur, a mortician, who teaches his son Michael the valuable lesson of why even in death the dead should remain beautiful.

For more information click here