My Vlog, My Journey, My Life

So I have been going through a funk for a bit as things in my life are changing. Vlogging seems to be a thing these days – and has for a while. I am not much of a vlogger. I barely blog as well since I talk a lot about my life on my podcast.  But just so I can share my experiences with following my dreams – both the successes and the failures – I have decided to create a vlog as a creative outlet for me.

Please follow me on my journey!

Horror House Media

Horror House Media

So for 2018 Ray McCann and I were talking about creating a new digital platform for short horror form content. I thought it would be a great idea for him to have digital content to produce and for which I could direct. So I reached out to my writing partner Brantley J. Brown and asked him to start writing short scripts that were creepy/scary and simple to shoot.  With that, Horror House was born.

So now we begin the shooting process. Stay tuned as we are launching Halloween 2018. Feel free to reach out to use and to follow us on the social media platforms. Help us generate the buzz. We want to rally the horror community.

Instagram: Horror House Media
Twitter: Horror House Media



Thank you to my nephew Chris Minnick who surprised me today with a drawing. He is self taught and has been practicing – so he thought he would draw a picture of me as he saw me – a Hollywood producer.

I love this picture and I will keep it up on my website. It inspires me to keep working for what I love and for what I believe in. Thank you Chris – your uncle is proud of you!

Never Forgive Me

Was asked by model and filmmaker Niko Antonyan to write a script based on an idea he had for a short film. From there ‘Never Forgive Me,’ was born. It was a fun film to write and I am grateful for the opportunity to write something for him to direct. It was also nice to see Rodiney Santiago and Emily Hall act out my words!

The film is now available on Amazon for rent! Please check it out.




Wayfarers Chapel

Today, in celebration of Earth Day, the Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes had their second annual art show and poetry reading called ‘Art by the Sea with Poetic Expression‘. Yours truly was a feature poet invited to read. I haven’t been an invited poet in over 15 years (if not more.) Attending today felt like coming out of retirement – and I am grateful for my friend Georgia Washington for asking me to be a part of the event.

The weather today was a wonderful 72 degrees with a slight breeze as we saw Catalina Island hiding out in the distant haze. The waves crashed towards as we stood up over the high cliff. It was an amazing inspiring day and I was grateful to be a part of the festivities today!

Also after the reading today I have decided to move forward and being writing my second book. I want to write a book that is full of anthems, that can inspire people and up lift them! That’s why it’s been so hard to write. I want it to be epic!

Check out the video from this amazing day!

Axe Script Reading

Finally finished the feature version of the script Axe….I invited over a few of my actor friends, including a few of the actors who are involved in the film. These actors really delivered and the feedback we got from both the actors reading and those in the audience was really good. It seems as if everyone is loving the script. Time to move forward and get this thing produced!

Check out more about the project: Axe

When Hate Reigns (Inaugural Day)

Inaugural day.
The crowd gathers;
people clamor
as Hate steps up to the podium.

He is calm, collect.
The weather is cool, brisk.
The people are excited and alive from the commemoration.

Hate is poised over the calamity of noise
as onlookers stare up at Him in awe.
Tall, almost elegant with His grand gestures.
His voice thunders in everyone’s head.

He speaks:
“People! People! I am here today before you
as a symbol of a new beginning that is about to take place.
We are on the threshold of a new era,
an era free from the destruction of obscenity;
the infestation of affectivity.
At the forefront of this populace
I shall begin the absolution to freedom.”

And Hate smiled.
And the people cheered
for they had a leader who was brave.

But there was a dark cloud that loomed above – –
fat and swollen with rain – –
but the people didn’t care
for rain was good
it fed the ground, which nourished life
so it mattered none
that it was a murky mysterious rain.

And the rain fell,
and Hate smiled,
and the people cheered
for they had a leader
who provided for the people.

Then a mighty wind rose
and carried with it the spirit of transformation,
the embodiment of change.

The wind was good because it brought change –
change was good because it is fundamental
so it mattered none that the wind eroded the land
that the rain had cultivated.

And the wind blew,
and the rain fell,
and Hate smiled,
and the people cheered
for they had a leader who pioneered growth.

Then the land trembled
and it shook with the force
of a thousand secrets never revealed
and the rumbling of truth that none believed.

But it was good because it carried the knowledge of the beginning of time,
so it mattered none that time tumbled away under the roar of the soil.

And the Earth shook,
and the wind blew,
and the rain fell,
and Hate smiled,
and the people cheered
for they had a leader who promoted   the sovereignty of faith.

And Hate stood motionless at the pulpit.
The crowd trampled over one another
for a glimpse of His auspicious demeanor,
that flicker of something almost sinister in His eye,
which they knew meant that He was a man  of great power.

And Hate smiled
and the people cheered
for they had a leader who would lead them through a revolution –

And the Earth shook,
and the wind blew,
and the rain fell,
and Hate smiled;
but the people
the people quailed from this future
for it was different
it was unfamiliar.

And Hate stepped away from the platform
as the onlookers stared up in awe.
The silence echoed through the heart of each  spectator.
This was, indeed,
the commencement of a new instigation of life.

– Michael Coulombe