Sound Bite

Our newest collaboration – a thrilling horror geared towards social media influencers. Produced by Ray McCann, Jr of SketchHouse Comedy.

Synopsis:  Dante loves horror. He’s always looking for the next best scare. When he and his best friend, Mitch, are chatting over instant messenger, Mitch tells him about an underground song that has been making its way around the internet. The rumors that surround it are terrifying. Anyone who listens to it ends up dead.

Dante doesn’t buy the story. A song that kills you? It just is not reality. Mitch, however, does believe, and is terrified when Dante asks him for the link to the song. Mitch pleads for Dante to heed his warning, but gives in and sends the link. When Dante arrives at, he is left with a cryptic message. Only the bravest have listened to the song. So far, no one has survived. Dante is given two options: YES or NO.

Is Dante brave enough to listen to “Death Song” and find out if the rumors are true? He certainly is. Will he survive the night? That is another matter, all together.