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Testimonial from Charles Chudabala

I cannot express how happy I am with the way the shoot went! My pictures came out better than I’d hoped, the edits came back quicker than expected, and Michael is an absolute pleasure to be around!
In my experience modeling, Michael stands out as a photographer because he is able to catch a natural moment where other photographers try yelling “stay still” and forcing a movement or pose. Michael has an eye for catching beautiful shots and does so without over-directing. I believe our photos turned out great because he didn’t try forcing a particular uncomfortable pose and instead he created a relaxed environment which allowed me to just move naturally. Would definitely recommend Michael Coulombe for your next shoot! 

Frank Bernard Smith, Jr.

I absolutely loved shooting with Michael. He is an amazing photographer who is also a fantastic director, so he knows how to coach you for the perfect shot. He also takes “in the moment” photos, which turn out to be the best because it is natural. I left both shoots with Michael feeling more confidant than ever.

Candice Callins

Michael has the director’s eye! And he is cool as hell so makes the subject comfortable and open when shooting with him. 

Marco Parra

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