Sunday, May 19

Photo Shoot – Candice Callins

Candice Callins

Black Lives Matter

Fitness Photoshoot

Beauty Photoshoot


Candice Callins is an actress and writer, most known for her role in “My Crazy Ex” on Lifetime. She was born in Los Angeles, California and started acting at the age of 7 in theatre, performing in plays at school. After college, she knew she wanted to be in TV and Film. She made a plan and enrolled in cold reading classes to prepare. Her second week in class she signed with a manager and hasn’t looked back since, even when others tried to discourage her. Since beginning her career she has been on several cable shows and films, including, “The Carting Call” which she wrote and starred in. She is also a fierce kickboxer. She played an assassin in both, the action short “Sleepers” and action series “Exile.” Her goal in life is to uplift others with positivity and to embrace self love.

Photoshoot BTS

Candice Callins on Mimosas with Michael

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