Ax – short film

CAST:    Todd James Jackson as James, Marita Gomsrud as Alyse.

DIRECTOR:  Michael Coulombe


What drives a man to madness?

James Scott and his wife Alyse are moving into the home of James’ recently deceased father, Arthur. Due to financial issues and past struggles, the couple has lost their house and have nowhere else to go.

The idyllic cabin is a perfect getaway; nestled in the forest and up against a serene lake. It’s easy to understand why his family picked such a wonderful locale. It’s definitely a quiet and safe place to raise a family.

Or is it? When James and Alyse move in, James starts to find small clues to his past – a past he had forgotten or chose to forget. But he soon realizes that it was the past that drew him to the house in the first place.

In the basement of the house lies a morgue – the morgue James’ father used when he was a mortician, the same morgue he used to teach James about the beauty of death, and how people should be made to look when they are ready to meet their creator – the same morgue in which Arthur, James’ father, and he made up his mother to be beautiful in her grave on the morning they buried her together.