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The Rock’s Horror Hotel

The Rock’s Horror Hotel


The videos will be shot using Google’s Jump camera rigs at YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Toronto and New York. Additionally, creators from YouTube Spaces in Paris and Sao Paulo will send select creators to shoot at YouTube Space LA.

All of the four-walled 360-degree sets at YouTube Spaces resemble a hotel room — dubbed “Room 301” — inspired by Blumhouse’s aesthetic and designed in the style of the cities where the productions are taking place. (YouTube Space LA’s Room 301 set is pictured above.) Inside joke: 301 is the notorious view-count number that videos previously paused on as YouTube’s systems verified authenticity of views. CryptTV, a digital horror network that has a strategic partnership with Blumhouse, also is serving as a production adviser.

In addition to the individual projects, YouTube Space LA will host to a “mega-collab” video with more than 20 top creators directed by PrankVsPrank’s Jesse Wellens in conjunction with the Big Picture Co., a production company that specializes in VR and 360-degree videos. The collab will serve as the origin story for the global narrative, showing creators receiving a key to Room 301 — which will lead them to experience their worst fears.

YouTubers on tap for the mega-collab include Markiplier, Vitalyzdtv, Galo Frito, Furious Pete, Luba, KrazyRayRay, Seb La Frite, Coby Persin, PC Siqueira, Josh Paler Lin, The Gabbie Show, Jovem Nerd, Hopsin, TechnoBuffalo, Chachi Gonzales, KarenO, Jay & Arya, Rolê Gourmet, LaToyaForever, and Fischer’s.

Michael Coulombe wrote the mega-collab!


Jesse Wellens, Vitaly, Josh Paler Lin, Seb La Frite, Jovem Nerd. Galo Frito, KarenO, The Gabbie Show, Furious Pete, TechnoBuffalo, LubaTV, Hopsin, Chachi Gonzalez, Cody Persin, LaToya Forever, Fisher, KrazyRayRay, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as The Concierge.


DIRECTOR:  Jesse Wellens
WRITER: Michael Coulombe
PRODUCER: YouTube and BlumHouse

Watch the film here:

Catch me in the Behind The Scenes at 00:01:10 after the guy in the bloody shirt!
Me on the set of The Rock’s Haunted Hotel


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