Wednesday, May 27

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Solvang, Californa
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Solvang, Californa

So the first trip I took in 2020, was a road trip I took with my friend Jacob Michael for my birthday. [My birthday is February 18th] And we drove up ON the day of my actual birthday. I love celebrating my birthday in a new place every year. So if I am not on set on the day of my birthday - I like to travel! The city of Solvang, CA is about an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. Solvang is a little dutch city inland from Santa Barbara. There is also a nice mission there - Mission San Inez. The day we went the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Not too hot, not too cold. [Sometimes it rains on my birthday.]  I was also not aware of how much wine tasting you can do in Solvang.  So to know me, is to know that I LOVE wine tasting - and when I got there and realized there was wine tastin...
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Famous 2gether

Candice Callins and I have attended many events, red carpets, and screenings - and we were chronicling our adventures via Instagram. People enjoyed our commentary so much that we decided to create  a vlog together! Just something fun and simple for all of your to enjoy! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and follow our adventures!